Archetypes – A Spotify Original with Megan Meghan, The Duchess of Sussex

From Spotify – Episode Description

Meghan talks to the one and only Serena Williams about the double standard women face when they are labeled “ambitious” and the ripple effect this has on other aspects of their lives. This groundbreaking premiere episode also features Dr. Laura Kray, a leading expert on gender in the workplace.


Good Friends

Meghan and Serena Williams are terrific friends. The interview sounds like two friends chatting. They are loyal to each other and have each other’s back. In this interview, they reference texting each other. They had known each other for a long time when they were both living in Los Angeles.

Serena shares details of her evolution away from tennis and the big deal it is!

She also describes herself in three words, first as a child (quiet, competitive, and a perfectionist) also as an adult (thoughtful, compassionate, funny)

Prince Harry pops into the show ever so briefly at the beginning of Meghan and Serena’s conversation.

Listen to the 57-minute interview HERE on Spotify!

Vogue Cover Story – September 2022

Serena references her Vogue cover & article. You can read it here! 

Photography by Luis Alberto Rodriguez

Serena Williams Says Farewell to Tennis On Her Own Terms—And In Her Own Words

August 9, 2022

Photographed by Luis Alberto Rodriguez, Vogue, September 2022.

Serena says, “It’s been the most amazing ride!”

My takeaway is that both women are in the spotlight and have parts of their lives misunderstood. I like that they put themselves out there in the world. You may be a fan or not, but it’s worth a listen.


Find the episode transcript here.