My Birthday

It’s January 31st! The last day of the first month of the New Year! I am at the end of The Ultimate Blog Challenge and have been successful in completing it! One month of blogging isn’t as hard as one might imagine when you find topics fun topics to write about! I’ve had a great time. Today is another milestone, too…..It’s my birthday!

I have always liked having my birthday at the end of the month. My last name is at the end of the alphabet. January is the first month of the year and my first name is at the beginning of the alphabet. I share my birthday with some friends: Honey N. to name one. And also born today: Justin Timberlake (37), Portia de Rossi (45) and the late Jackie Robinson. There could be many others. See the video below from Kahn Academy on the probability of sharing your birthday with at least one person in a group of 30. Very interesting.

Up next is a series of famous renditions of Happy Birthday. Barbra may not be singing, but I’ll throw it in because she’s my fave! If you follow this link, my brother Mike makes videos for me all the time. Here is one from last year’s birthday!
If you haven’t seen this footage of the “late” Marilyn Monroe in a while, it’s quite entertaining, especially for the early 1960’s!
​And of course, The Beatles will top off this blog post with their fun, rock and roll style version of “Happy Birthday To You” AND “They Say It’s Your Birthday”! Enjoy!