Last Saturday morning, Twinkles was up early and checking all the vents. She was frantically smelling, and to be honest it didn’t smell good. SKUNK! Yikes! And to make it worse, he or she was in our basement. What should we do? Call pest control? Nope, closed on Saturdays and Sundays. Let’s call our good friend from Wildcare, she’ll know what to do. She said it’s mating season and they are digging everywhere. True enough, I saw a skunk two days prior just walking along, and then disappear down a hole. Wow!

Not being brave at all, I didn’t offer to go down and check the basement with Kim. I did not want to see or smell it face to face. Kim got suited up in a hooded sweatshirt, headlamp and old pants to go down into the crawl space under the house. She looked like a sight, but I was way to nervous to even take a picture of her. Sorry, it’s not on this blog post, but next time I have to think a bit quicker.

She started moving some big, old computer boxes out of the way and then they saw each other. FREEZE. He turned and went quickly out the same hole he dug to get it. Then she followed, looking for more of his friends. That was it, one and done. Kim grabbed an old blow-up raft that usually gets used on Shasta Lake during the summers and plugged up the hole to the outside. I took the boxes up to the patio along with a couple of giant, red Wilson tennis bags that were filled with baseball equipment to air out.

The smell dissipated fairly quickly, which is lucky! And Twinkles didn’t get skunked as she did when my nephew Christopher let her out one morning at 3am. He bathed Twinkles to get rid of the odor. Surprisingly we don’t have to deal with this very often, considering we do live next to a creek, and wildlife is pretty common in our neighborhood. What a coincidence that our local news network had a story on skunks that same day. Here it is for you to enjoy! Whew, what a morning!

KTVU-Skunk Mating Season Underway in the SF Bay Area