Becoming eBay Summit

Every quarter eBay has an event for three days for its new hires and employees. It’s a wonderful program that originated in 2015 called “Becoming eBay Summit”. I am honored to be included in the seller panel which wraps up the event’s three-day session with a final sit-down dinner. I have been able to participate about a half dozen times and love going to eBay Headquarters in San Jose.

The only downside for me is the distance and time it takes to travel from Marin County to Silicon Valley. Commute traffic begins early on Bay Area freeways and so my plan was to leave early and avoid as much of it as I could. Yesterday was a success on that front! I was the first of the “customers” (as they refer to us sellers) to arrive. I was escorted to a second-floor Board Room and immediately sat in the head chair! So much fun.

Many on the panel have been regular guests, as well and so we enjoy seeing each other for this occasion. eBay sellers can be somewhat isolated doing their work on computers by themselves at home. When we gather we love to catch up with a camaraderie of sharing our selling experiences. Our panel consists of many members of the Bay Area eBay Seller Group which hold its monthly meeting at eBay. It’s one of the largest eBay seller groups in the USA.

When it’s time to enter the big event room, we are welcomed with cheers, applause and a standing ovation. These new hires know that the sellers are what eBay is all about. And for us, it’s always a pleasure to meet them in return. The panel of about ten sellers sit in director’s chairs on the stage. Our discussion/interview is moderated by a long-time eBay team member.

​We went down the line introducing ourselves and a bit about why we sell, what we sell and what freedoms selling on eBay gives each of us. After that we are asked questions pertaining to the different areas of eBay like “terapeak research tools, seller hub, shipping, trust and safety” and so on. There is a lot of experience on the stage as well as enthusiasm for eBay. The best part of the event is that we are being listened to! That wasn’t always the case at eBay. I know because this year will be my 20th anniversary selling and buying on eBay. I’ve jumped through many hoops for eBay over the years!
After the discussion is finished the sellers all find a table (one seller per table) and engage in wonderful talks about what we do. My table was a lively group with new employees across many departments and locations. They asked me questions and I asked them questions. It was a nice exchange of information. As the dinner came to an end, we said our goodbyes and we sellers were given a gift from eBay.
The new employees were given a group photo to remember their three days of the “Becoming eBay Summit”. As I headed back to Marin, I was grateful to be included in a positive and inspiring evening. I look forward to many more in the future! Thanks, eBay!