PictureNew Year, new bike!

Last month my son lost his wallet. We searched everywhere for it. We called the places he visited during the day, nothing.  Then he lost his sweatshirt. That’s a common occurrence in our house, but last year he made it the whole school year without losing it and this year, his is minus -2 in the sweatshirt department.

Then there is the bike tale. It wasn’t lost, but rather stolen, from school. We did leave it overnight, which was my fault, but it was locked and not there the following day. Bummer. The good news is that I was able to find the serial number and make a police report. It is should ever turn up, they will call us.

So in the middle of dealing with all things lost, the wallet was FOUND! All the money was in it, his student ID’s were present and his frozen yogurt card and movie pass were there too! Happy day! It was in the lost and found box at his weekly youth camp. How awesome is that?

Christmas came and Luke received a sweatshirt as a gift! Santa was generous and replaced the bike with a nicer model which included a krptonite lock and cable! No more locking to the fence, but rather the bike rack at school. Some life lessons are hard like losing possessions, but we move forward trying to keep track of everything in the New Year! Here’s to losing less and finding more!  I did find a penny on the street yesterday!

HAPPY ENDING to report! 2 months after we reported the bike stolen, we got it back today from the San Rafael Police Department. They found the guy (a big bike thief) walking away from the bike in downtown SR and asked him where he got the bike. The Police took it and found that the description matched Luke’s bike, serial number and all! Lessons learned: never leave a bike overnight, locked or otherwise AND always report a stolen bike. Take a picture of the serial number located on the bottom of the frame! We are so happy!