Kerith the therapy dog and Heidi
Heidi and Kerith The Golden Retriever at the wheel of a fire engine

Kerith The Golden Retriever

Cowboy Luke Publications announces the release of a new children’s book.

It is available in paperback and Kindle on Amazon.

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Kerith The Golden Retriever


It is the story of Kerith, a two-year-old Golden Retriever who started out to be a Guide Dog.

Kerith as a puppy


As she grew, it was decided that a career change was best for Kerith, since she was so full of energy and so affectionate. She loves greeting people and they love her back!


Kerith The Fire Therapy Dog


Recently, she helped comfort many of the firefighters as they battled the raging fires in California.

Her story became a national news interest for CNN and other outlets, for her work, along with owner Heidi in helping the fireman this summer.

GMA Pet of the Week

She was named “Pet of the Week” on Good Morning America recently and her popularity grew and grew!

Kerith has her own Instagram Page that follows many of her activities.

Cowboy Luke Publications is known for featuring personal tales.

This feel-good story in pictures will bring a smile to your face,

especially if you are a dog lover!


Spreading the Love

With fires burning all over California, Kerith met up with the crew at the Creekside Fire near Fresno this week. So many firefighters were happy to see her!


Kerith Spreading Love

If you know a child who loves animals, the story of Kerith The Golden Retriever would make the perfect gift!

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Visit Kerith’s very own webpage!

And see how you can help fund Therapy dogs!

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