Anne ZFor those who know and have followed me, you know I am the biggest Barbra Streisand fan on the planet. That should give you a clue about the picture in this post. What is the name of that beautiful rose? Answer: Barbra Streisand! How cool would that be to have a rose named after you?

It’s a Hybrid Tea Rose with lavender tones and a strong, heavenly fragrance, just like Barbra asked for! She is an avid rose lover and wanted a rose with large flowers and a strong fragrance. It has been written that Barbra tested a few before settling on the rose pictured here on the left.

I have a couple of the Barbra Streisand Roses in my garden and really enjoy the blooms and color. I look forward to picking them at just the right time to use indoors in various vases and flower arrangements.

If you had a rose named after you, what color would it be? I might have to go to bright red! I love big bold colors and red is ONE of my favorite colors!

I am looking forward to Spring and the new blooms on my Barbra Streisand Roses. If you don’t have one, and you love roses, I highly recommend this for your garden.

Here is more info from Weeks Roses! Click here.