Pickleballs in a Basket

My 1st Pickleball Post – 2018

What is this thing called Pickleball? Pickleball? Yup, Pickleball. Well if you are a tennis player, this may be a hard pill to swallow, but Pickleball is taking over! And to boot, they are using many tennis courts to play this newish game to play on! I have tried it. I like it, sort of. It’s pretty easy from the standpoint of not having to run as much as in tennis since the court is smaller. The rules are a little confusing at first, as is the scoring, but it’s for those who can’t do tennis anymore, as far as I see it. It’s a very social game! And varying levels can play together more easily than in tennis.

I have played about a half dozen times. It requires a wooden paddle and uses a hard whiffle-type ball. The sound of the paddle hitting against the ball is obnoxious in my book. The game is a combo of ping pong, badminton, and tennis. It can be played as single or doubles and lots of people are hooked! I have one cousin who is NUTS for Pickleball. When he travels, he drops in on any game he can find. He logs into a Pickleball website and it tells him when and where the “gang” is playing. There are indoor and outdoor courts all throughout the country. Here is a link to the rules: Pickleball Rules.


​I like playing games. I like racket games. I am competitive, so I play with a desire to win. It’s hard for me to JUST play socially, but I am trying. I have played primarily because I have a couple of friends who play. I do like seeing them. But, and that’s a big but, I have been a good tennis player, so I want to win. No apologies. I have been ranked Number One in NorCal by Senior Age Groups AND Number One in the USA on two occasions in doubles. I try hard and this game is easy for a good tennis player, once you get the differences.


My main goal though is to not get hurt. I am not 35 anymore, but my mind says I should still hit shots like I was even younger than 35! So I will try to keep calm, have fun and play Pickleball for the fun of being with friends. Hey, one can have a goal, right? Instead of trying to explain it all here, I am posting a video with scoring and rules, and a link to the National Pickleball site. If you have a chance, I’d say definitely give it a try.

I still do not have a Pickleball paddle. That is on my list for 2018! I do know that having good equipment makes it easier to play. In the meantime, it’s getting lighter later and so I may drop into the Wednesday night game at my local public tennis facility next week. If we ever have a chance to play against each other, here is fair warning: I am trying to beat you! AND have fun! See you on the Pickleball court!

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