What I Sold on eBay

The number one question I am asked in regard to my selling on eBay is “What Do You Sell on eBay?” I have published a short 2 minute slide show video of ten things I’ve sold in the past week. You might be surprised! Come check it out!

​There are a few things that I sold that I like to look forward when scouting items to re-sell. Cookies Jars can do well, banks can do well and certain dinnerware can do well. Notice I say, can do well. Not everything sells, but when looking for certain items, one can notice patterns. Also remember that eBay patterns can change depending on the time of the year and some things just go out of favor. I used to be able to sell men’s ties all the time, now not so much.

Experience is one thing that I depend on, but also it’s important to keep in mind, one makes money selling on eBay in the BUYING. If I sell on consignment, I have not put any money out before the sale. If I am buying an item to flip it, then I want to get the best deal I can as the buyer. That way you have plenty of room on sales price. I can put items in my eBay store on sale, or take a BEST OFFER without worry of losing money on the deal.

One of my goals for 2018 is to make lots of videos to show people the items that I sell. It can be helpful to see the variety of items that sell. Of course, your “mileage” may vary, but at least I’m a real person showing you what I sell and that is no secret!

Thanks for watching! What among the items that I sold this week surprises you that I sold? I’d like to hear from you!

Stay tuned for more “What I Sold on eBay” videos and don’t forget to bookmark on YouTube!