VHS Tapes

Anne has been busy digitizing her gigantic VHS video tape collection. There are a million tennis matches from TV, a zillion clips of Barbra Streisand events and so much more: interviews, fun ads featuring sports and entertainment from way back when! Lots of 1980’s and 90’s material here and more is coming.

If you have ever wondered about digitizing your own collection of tapes from the past, come back soon for a step by step article on how easy it is to do!

Here are some fun links to VHS videos that I’ve uploaded to You Tube.

Here is the link to Anne Zarraonandia’s Channel.

  • No rights intended or applied.
  • For personal use only.
  • From my own collection.
  • More being added all the time.
  • Keep checking for more videos to enjoy!

Barbra Streisand

Barbra Streisand – Garry Moore Show Ed Sullivan Bob Hope

Barbra on Diane Sawyer GMA Guilty Pleasures Album promotion 

Primetime Barbra Streisand Diane Sawyer Guilty Pleasures Interview 

Barbra on Larry King Live 6/6/95

Barbra Streisand in wedding dress on ET ​

Barbra Streisand Promo Clip on The View 1997

Barbra Streisand 20-20 1997 with James Brolin by Barbara Walters