If you have ever visited Tiburon, CA, just north of San Francisco, you have most likely passed by the statue honoring the legendary Blackie the Horse. His grave is next’s to “Blackie’s Pasture” and in the field about a stone’s throw away is his famous statue. Kids love to climb up and sit on him! Dogs like mine, like to bark at him. Folks from everywhere love to acknowledge him. He even has a children’s book named all about him called Blackie the Horse Who Stood Still by Paige Petersen and Christopher Cerf.

It is such a well written touching story, that when I read it aloud to my then 5 year old son, by the time I was at the end, my chin was quivering along with my voice and I could barely get through it. And I already knew the ending. I highly recommend this book to youngsters everywhere!

Blackie was a swayback horse who stood in the same spot for 28 years in the pasture named after him. He was born in Kansas and brought to California as a cutting horse in rodeos. He was then sold to the Army and worked at the Presidio, riding to Yosemite every Spring to patrol the park. He retired after 12 years. After that he became a fixture in Tiburon for over a generation. He died on February 27, 1966 and the Marin County Health Department approved his burial grave to be located at the spot he made famous. In June 1995, his lifesized statue was placed in “Blackie’s Pasture” for all to enjoy.


Flowers in the picketed fenced gravesite of Blackie. Photo by Anne Zarraonandia

Blackie the statue. Photo by Anne Zarraonandia
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Placque honoring Blackie. Photo by Anne Zarraonandia