Okay, I’m not a doctor and I don’t play one on TV so I haven’t spent years studying medicine. What I find interesting that when I ask friends and acquaintances if they got the flu shot this year, I hear all sorts of answers. Many people act so  certain about their medical standing as if they were doctors themselves. “No, it gave me the flu. No, it doesn’t work. No I don’t trust it” are some of the answers I heard from friends. I heard from very few that they got a shot.

I am not writing this blog to say that you should or shouldn’t get the flu shot. I am NOT your doctor and I don’t know your medical history. I have noticed that most people have a strong opinion about this question regarding flu shots. There is really little middle ground stance on this topic.

I’ve heard reports that this is one of the worst flu years ever. There have been many deaths: young and old alike. I am so sad to read stories of people who have died without warning. I know that scientists are trying to find cures and vaccines that work better than they currently do.

I read that 100 years ago reports of a major flu epidemic took many, many lives. Since that time our populations have grown and our travel and exposure to other people has grown as well. What we do know is that staying home when we are sick can help. And washing our hands and covering our coughs is important. Following common sense is key, but we can not be 100% free of risk.

Just like the fact that there is “no cure for the common cold”, people will continue to get sick, with or without the flu shot. And the decision to receive one should be between you and your doctor. In the meantime, don’t forget to drink lots of liquids, including chicken soup. So stay strong, get enough sleep, reduce your stress and be well! And if you are wondering if I got one, I did.