We are in the midst of drought in California and today we had the opposite! What a storm it’s has been. Yesterday it was calm and mild, today it is wet and wild! The schools in Marin County and SF Bay area are closed! What an unusual experience for us in “Sunny California”! The local Safeway grocery store was packed full of people shopping for batteries and flashlights ahead of the storm.

Stormy Weather

Rainy Day

Strong downpours and significant winds, not to mention the flooding. Whew! The worst is over and we only lost power for a couple of hours. The creek behind our house is rushing and much higher than normal! It’s brown, so the hills are moving their way down to the sea as well! I’m not complaining, but happy to be safe and dry inside with the electricity on and able to use the computer!


High Tide and Flooded Bike Paths & Dog Parks

We haven’t seen rain like this in sometime! Parts of the bike path near the Mill Valley Middle School were so deep, that many cyclists had to turn back and try a different route! The king tides from the San Francisco Bay were in full swing adding feet of water to the already significant rain totals.


Flooded Bike Path


The Dog Park is soaked, full of mud and the ducks love it!

Bayfront Dog Park